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work work work
school school school.

I always wanted a life that revolved around music.
But i wish i could talk to someone about something DIFFERENT for a change!

music music music
play perform study promote publish record write worry over work work work work WORK.


I designed that myspazz. added all of the friends. Wrote all of the shit and i'm so unhappy with it. Who's good at html? helppppppppp
I'm desperate for someone to design us a proper logo :(

McCarran International Airport

Bye giant novelty cocktails
Bye cheap cigars
Goodbye slot machines everywhere, even in the bathroom
Bye iPod vending machines.
Goodbye room service
Goodbye luxury hotel
Bye Vegassss
See you in a few years hopefully.


Smoking cigars buy the box and drinking every frozen-in-a-yard-glass alcoholic drink i don't get carded for. Roaming the streets all night long. Meeting amazing people. Spending stupid amounts of money on room service. Roller Coasters outside hotels, inside hotels. Waking up to the eiffel tower every morning. I wish i had more time to spend here. The lights are so bright at night that it feels sunny all the time.

Uh-oh uh-oh.

Miami ink. c/o Jet


Don't ever get a tattoo at miami ink. I'm a huge fan of the show and felt the need to, 20 minutes after arriving in miami and dumping my bags in the hotel in fact. Jet is amazing, so is Ben (who did mum's ink!!!)
But for what we payed, i could have a full back piece. Ha.

I miss my friends in South Beach (all six of them!)
I miss my Mim and my Ashii.
2 weeks left of the States.
I can't wait to come back here one day.
But i am looking forward to coming home!
well not the flight but..eh.

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I got my first professional tattoo at miami ink, not by anyone famous. Jet is fucking amazing, i've made some great friends and memories in Miami. I have on regret, rushing to get my tattoo, today i walked past miami ink and Ami James was working. The sexy sexy bald front man/shop owner of Miami Ink.

Uhhhhh. Boooooo

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Sitting on the open aired top level of a double decker tour bus, cruising through new york. Blocking out the annoying automated verbal guide on the loud speaker with my ipod. Rooftops by Lost Prophets. Everything kind of made sense, even in below zero tempretures.